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Wedding Planning & Coordinating

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is do we need a Wedding planner or Coordinator? 

Below we outline just a little of which each package entails, but the major difference is with Wedding planning we are here from the start, managing your event, budget & stress from the beginning, this is best for our busy couples, or those who feel the added pressure of planning every detail. Those hiring us for coordinating, this is best for the couple who have the time and want to be hands on with every aspect of planning, but are looking for someone to execute your wedding day, and work with you in the month coming up to your wedding to bring it all together.

Every couple has different needs, and we are happy to help you figure out which is best for you! 


Wedding Planner     

As your Wedding planner, we are there with you every step of the way. Our goal is to work side by side with you to create the wedding you dreamed of, and offer the amazing wedding experience that you deserve.

-Designing & prepping your event

-Research, recommend & secure Trusted Vendors

-Budget Guidance

-Planning and Design meetings

-Decor & Floral options

-Timeline creation and management

-Rehearsal guidance

-We are there the entire Wedding day! 

-Set up of Ceremony, Cocktail hour & Reception

-Break down at end of the Night

And so, so much more!

Ruby-Joseph-Fancy-Free-Nursery-Wedding-Tampa-Florida-Photography-by-V-0085 (1).jpg

Wedding Coordinator

This package is best for the couple that wants to be hands on with all of the details & planning, but needs someone to bring it all together, working out the logistics, and managing your wedding day so that you can celebrate with friends and family. This service begins about 6 weeks prior to the wedding day, this allows us the time needed to prepare for your wedding day. 

-Review Wedding design & vendor contracts. 

-Vendor Communication/Management

-One planning and design meeting

-Timeline creation and management

-Manage wedding day Flow

-Rehearsal guidance

-We are available the entire day of your event via phone.

-We are first on site at venue & last to leave.

-Set up & Break down of Ceremony, Cocktail hour & Reception


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