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"I Choose you, and I'll choose you over and over and over again, without pause, without a doubt & in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you!"

Hello! If you have found your way here, that means you are considering I Choose You Events for your upcoming wedding. We cannot begin to tell you how happy that makes us! We truly believe that creating an amazing wedding experience for you comes down to one very important detail. Getting to know each other!

So let’s start here...

I Choose you family

Our Story

I Choose You Events was founded in 2018 by Owner, Jaimi Weatherspoon.  Jaimi had spent the last 14 years specializing in Visual storytelling…you know, photographing weddings! She loved it, and all of her experience working with couples, capturing details, and building relationships with vendors assisted her in building I Choose You events.

Together with her family they built the family owned & ran business that you are considering today!

Over time, Rachael & Kim joined our team, bringing with them creativity, compassion, excitement and years of knowledge & talent. 

Meet The Team

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